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Confidentiality, privacy, conditions of sale



Legal notice


The secret of my affordable prices is streamlined billing by prepayment, which avoids surprises for both parties. All payments are made by increments of £15, which is the equivalent of at least half an hour of work. You can simply click to buy a credit of £15, or £30, or £45, and so on.

If I finish the work in less time than expected, I do not make refunds. If you have credits left over, you can use them for another job.

Example 1: Quote for £11 ? The minimum sum to pre-pay is £15, so click to buy a £15 credit. Once the work is done I will send you a receipted invoice for your accounts. You still have £4 credit which you can use during the next six months.

Example 2: Quote for £144 ? The next increment is £150. Click to buy a credit of £150 , and you can use the £6 credit at any time during the next six months.

Confidentiality & privacy

You give me only necessary personal data, in other words your name, address and e-mail address. I never sell personal data, and I never give it away except where it is necessary to pass it onto a competent authority either because the law requires it, or to protect my own legal rights or property.

All payments are made by PayPal, so there is no need for you to give me your bank details at any time.

Applicable law and jurisdiction


The applicable law is that of England & Wales.
The courts of England & Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute between us.

Intellectual property and payment after invoice

At all times and under all circumstances, you keep your copyright in the original text.

If, exceptionally, it has been agreed that I will do the work, wholly or in part, before you buy your credits, you must make full payment within 30 days of the date of my invoice. In the event of non-payment, copyright in my version remains with me, or reverts to me as the case may be. You will become copyright owner of my version only after making full payment of the agreed fee.





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