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Some links towards sites, mostly French, that I like:


L’Association des Amis du Musée de la Marine: The purpose of the AAMM is to spread the word about the French national naval museum and to support its programme, and more generally to encourage the development of maritime culture.

Capitaine Hornblower: The first site in French dedicated to CS Forester's fictional Captain Hornblower of the sailing navy. Nicolas has tracked down some English quotes: "I recommend Forester to everyone literate I know" (Ernest Hemingway), and "I find Hornblower admirable, vastly entertaining" (Winston Churchill).

Le Carré des Canotiers: Network for preservation and promotion of the history and heritage of small boats, watersports and water-based leisure. In French, a lot of pictures, diary dates and news about boats for paddle, oar and sail from the distant past to the near future. Full of Gallic charm!

L'Hermione, a frigate for freedom. At Rochefort, a devoted team is rebuilding the frigate Hermione, which in 1780 carried Lafayette across the Atlantic to his rendezvous with America.

Hisse-et-Oh: Multimedia interactive site for everybody who loves the sea

Histoire Aviron: Rowing-related articles, events and information

Kayarchy: The sea kayaker's online handbook and reference

Le rendez-vous des Anciens de La Royale (the forum of a site for all French naval personnel who want to find old friends from their many former postings)

Marine et marins. Two talented people welcome you aboard: André Lambert (painter and illustrator) et  Michel Perchoc (naval officer and writer).

Net Marine (the forum of a site dedicated to making information about the French navy available on the Internet)

Pirates & Privateers, raiders of the Seven Seas. Biographies of pirates, maritime glossary and definitions in French, tortures, ships, superstitions, pirates in comic books, films, video games, quotes, etc

World Ship Trust. The international organization dedicated to the preservation of historic ships.



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